Price List

Price List

House Sewer                   $275.00

Kitchen Sink                    $190.00

Toilet Auger                     $135.00

Sewer Jet                          $500.00

Camera                             $350.00

4 responses to “Price List”

  1. Lynette Smith says:

    Outside drain at our basement walkout stairs is clogged. Can you give a price and estimate on availability please? Linglestown road area. Harrisburg pa.

    • admin says:

      The price to clean the line would be $175. If interested, you can place a service call for availability early this week. 717-731-9300. Thank you!

  2. Oxb says:

    I have water at the back yard. I need to put in drainage pipes. Do you do this kind of work?
    I am around the linglestown area Harrisburg PA.

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